It starts by standing with the poor

A blog post by Stockholm+Acumen Co-Chair Anna In New York this week-end, during a session with Jaqueline Novogratz and leaders from the +Acumen network, Jaqueline asks us a question. There may not be something you are willing to die for, she says. But is there something you are willing to live for? An inspiring thought. […]

+Acumen European Retreat

Last week half of the Stockholm+Acumen team went to London for a European +Acumen gathering. The +Acumen network within Europe definitely has great potential to grow and spread, as the only cities represented so far are London, Stockholm and Oslo. Unfortunately, the Oslo chapter was unable to attend which left us with only two chapters […]

NYC Chapter Leaders’ Retreat

A collection of thoughts on the event, by Stockholm+Acumen leader Wind   As the only representative from a +Acumen European chapter, I walked into the NYC Chapter Leaders’ Retreat fully open-minded and with a huge appetite for learning more. I was fed accordingly! There were more than 30 leaders from a number of the 27 […]

Thank You for Your Incredible Support!

It has been an exciting year at Acumen and we wouldn’t be where we are today without you. This year, hundreds of you have donated online, thousands of you have joined our community, and together we have impacted 115 million lives. This holiday season, we hope you will continue your generous support by making a donation to […]

100 Million Lives and We’re Just Getting Started

The holidays are officially here! During this time of reflection and gratitude we wanted to share some exciting news and thank you for everything you’ve done to support Acumen. Whether you’ve donated, attended an event, shared a video, or retweeted us – thank you! The holiday season reminds us that sometimes what the world needs most is something to believe in – a sense of hope and a promise of possibility for the future. And that’s what you, as a member of the Acumen community, have given us.

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